We've discovered Britons' favourite country (and it's not the UK...)

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Favourite Countries: We’ve been playing with the new data to see which countries are Britons’ most and least favourite, and how people’s lifestyle and politics affects their opinion

  • And we've found that Britons’ favourite country is not, in fact, their own – although the Union Jack can still be found in its flag. The honour of Britain’s favourite country actually goes to New Zealand, with 80% of us saying we have a positive opinion of the nation

  • Coming in second are other Commonwealth countries Canada (also on 80%) and Australia (79%), followed by the UK itself, on 78%. One in eight Brits (13%) take a neutral view of their own country, with 8% actively disliking it

  • The rest of the top ten are all European countries: Spain (72%), Italy (69%), Norway (69%), Sweden (69%), the Netherlands (69%), and Denmark (68%)

  • The list of the top ten most disliked countries will be familiar to anyone with an awareness of authoritarian regimes, human rights abuses and civil war. North Korea tops the list, with 63% of Brits saying they have a negative view of perhaps the world’s most repressive state

  • Following in second place is war-torn Syria (61%), with Iraq in third (56%) and Iran fourth (54%)

Do you think the UK government are actually committed to "levelling up" the country?

Levelling Up? Over 50 Conservative MPs have warned Boris Johnson not to backtrack on his commitment to “level up” Britain, claiming that coronavirus could worsen the north-south divide

  • By 55% to 30% Britons think the the UK government are not committed to reducing regional inequalities

  • This is the case for 61% of Northerners, and 66% of Scots

Would you abide by the Rule of Six if it was in place on Christmas Day?

Rule of Six: BBC presenter Victoria Derbyshire has apologised for saying she would break the rule of six to celebrate Christmas with her family

  • Around one in five Britons (19%) say they wouldn't abide by the rule, should it be in place on Christmas Day

  • This is compared to 63% who say they would...

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