Seven in ten English adults say the delay to lifting restrictions will make little to no difference to their lives

Life Goes On: Boris Johnson announced earlier this week that remaining lockdown restrictions in England will stay in place for a further four weeks

But for 70% of English people, the delay will make not much difference (44%) or no difference (27%) to their lives

While for 18% it will make some difference, and for 8% the delay will make a great deal of difference

Vaccinating Children: A decision to vaccinate children from 12-17 will not be recommended imminently, according to BBC reports

But two thirds of Britons (65%) think children under 16 should be vaccinated, including 28% who think they definitely should be vaccinated

One in ten (10%) think they should probably not be vaccinated, and 9% think they definitely shouldn't be

Spare Holiday: Some Britons are booking holidays in the UK and abroad, with the former acting as a ‘back-up’ in case they aren’t able to take their foreign holiday, due to Covid restrictions

Members of the travel industry have criticised this practice, saying it causes problems for UK-based companies, and 53% of Britons think it is not acceptable

However, others have argued that the uncertainty around travelling abroad leaves little choice, and indeed a quarter (25%) of Britons say it is acceptable to book a back-up UK-based holiday

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