A third of British adults have an Advent calendar this year

Countdown to Christmas: Today marks what many people see as the first day of the festive season, and a third of Britons (35%) have marked the occasion by starting an Advent calendar

While 13% bought the calendar for themselves, 11% were bought it by a relative, 7% by their partner, and 6% by someone else

But 64% do not have an Advent calendar

Women (38%) are more likely than men (31%) to have an Advent calendar to open

Advent-ageous: But when should an Advent calendar end? Some believe it’s Christmas Eve, with Christmas Day reserved for more substantial treats. Others say that as Christmas Day is the final day in the build up, there should be a door for that too

In the end, Brits are split – 44% think 24th December should be the last door to open, while 41% think it should be on 25th December

Not Music to Our Ears: The recorder has been a stable of primary schools for decades, but it’s reportedly going out of fashion, with the ukulele becoming a more popular choice

And sadly for the recorder, Britons confirm that if they had a young child, they would be twice as likely to prefer to hear them play the ukulele (31%) than the recorder (15%)

Although 38% say they would prefer to hear their child play...neither of these

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