Do Americans think it's appropriate for the president to comment on a case before a verdict has been reached?

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Do you think it is appropriate or inappropriate for the president to publicly comment on a judicial proceeding before the jury has decided a verdict?

  • 28% say it is appropriate

  • 51% say it is inappropriate

  • Democrats are almost evenly split: 39% say it's appropriate and 37% say it is inappropriate

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Imagine that you are currently in a romantic relationship with someone to whom you are neither married nor engaged. Would you describe the person you are in a relationship with as your...?

  • 51% say they would use the word boyfriend or girlfriend

  • 17% would use significant other

  • 16% would use the word partner

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A major US city is launching a guaranteed basic income pilot program that will provide 2,000 low-income families with $1,000 a month for the year. Do you support or oppose this program?

  • 38% say they strongly support this

  • 26% say they somewhat support this

  • 9% are somewhat opposed

  • 16% are strongly opposed

  • Democrats (53%) are more likely than Independents (30%) or Republicans (18%) to say they strongly support this

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